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Is there a difference to have control and to feel control?

Definitely yes! I can still see myself when I chased my own tail when times got volatile: Increasing demands to report, plan, lock myself in with the leadership team to find “the truth”, and overall behave so people got more stressed, not less. This is a linear way of acting, and almost always took as further away from good outcomes.

I believe more in the reasoning in the below-enclosed article from Harvard Business Review. The argument goes, to establish a “safe” culture where people are trusted upon to act when things happen. In our times with VUCA on steroids, this is a better way to act and adjust in an exponential world.

How do you lead in chaos? What´s your behaviour? Give us your best behaviour tips on what to think of when the world is a bit more chaotic today compared to yesterday.

Read the article here: LINK


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