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Trust, a scarce resource among today's leaders?

As many as 63% don´t trust their boss, according to Edelman Trust Barometer. At the same time, behaviours building trust and psychological safety are by many pointed out as the most important aspects of a high-performing team.

The article below articulates trust and put trust in the context of productive leadership as well as team efficiency. It elaborates on the 3 important ingredients making up trust, being Authenticity, Logic and Empathy (referred to as the trust triangle). I want to quote the article on Authenticity as I think it´s the main message to many leaders:

Most people can sniff out inauthentic behaviours very quickly, and so not bringing your whole self to work or being afraid to show vulnerability leads to an erosion of trust”.

Short on logic wobbles: Either the quality or the ability to effectively communicate is too low.

Empathy wobbles: Show too much self-interest, and you lose your team.

So: If any of the 3 areas of trust are shaken, trust breaks. Without trust, everything becomes much more difficult.

What´s your position on this? How do you behave authentically and bring vulnerability to the game? How do you lure vulnerability and honesty into your team?

Read the article (a bit long but worth every sentence of it): LINK


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